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KISS IT BETTER -Cream for very sensitive & eczema prone skin
KISS IT BETTER Organic Cream
Sensitive & Eczema skin
with Prebiotics
50 ml

KISS IT BETTER- Organic cream for sensitive, delicate & eczema skin with Prebiotics

Kiss it Better Organic and 100% Natural cream is light silky cream with highly soothing oils and intensely moisturizing butters which calms, hydrates and protects extremely sensitive and inflamed skin. The remarkable moisturizing and soothing action of Nilotica Shea Butter, the dramatic regenerating and healing effect of Rosehip oil, the rebalancing action of Prebiotics on skin bacteria and the antiseptic and healing properties of Calendula help reduce itching, promote healing and relieve the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, inflamed and itchy skin.
We have recently improved the formula by adding Kokum butter for even deeper moisturizing and soothing action.When no one else can we can Kiss it Better.
Naturally scented with healing Lavender and Chamomile essential oils.

SKIN TYPES: Suitable for all skin types especially for sensitive skin and skin prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis & rosacea. Kiss it better cream is also suitable for skin affected by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Kiss it better organic cream is also a wonderful light, readily absorbed moisturizer, suitable for using under makeup.Suitable for men who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis and skin blemishes as non-greasy after shave moisturiser.

USE: Massage into clean, dry skin on face and neck. Use daily in the mornings and evenings and whenever your skin needs a moisture top-up.

PACKAGING: Stylish Airless dispenser

STORAGE: Cool place away from direct sunlight.

Only pure plant power for the most sensitive eczema prone skin.

'Let's not just being alive, but being well.'
Martial C.AD 40-C.104 Roman epigrammatist

INGREDIENTS: Spring water (aqua), Rose (Rosa damascena) water*, Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) water*, Nilotica Shea butter (Vitellaria nilotica Fruit Butter)*, Kokum butter (Garcinia Indica Seed Butter), Plant wax extract (Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate), Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) oil*, Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis) oil, Rosehip oil (Rosa Mosqueta seed oil)*, Sweet Almond (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis ) oil*, Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus) oil*, Calendula (calendula officinalis), Prebiotic (Inulin, Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide), Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis),Vitamin E oil (Tocopherol), Vegetable-based fragrance (Fragrance)**, Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) essential oi, German (or Roman) Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) essential oil*, Geraniol**, Limonene**, Linalool**
*Certified Organic by Soil Association
**from essential oils

Unica Cosmetics - Unique Organic & 100% Natural skincare
that boost your skin immune system with Prebiotics

raw Ingredients


UNICA feeds your good bacteria – not just your skin – by using Prebiotics.
Prebiotics encourage the growth of probiotics, the good bacteria, referred to as “the imminent revolution in skincare”, which make the skin less hospitable for harmful bacteria that cause skin disorders, acne and eczema.
Two studies that have demonstrated that prebiotic and probiotic products actually influence the appearance of the skin. One was published in the British Journal of Dermatology and showed that eczema improved when patients were treated with a prebiotic cream, and the other appeared in the Journal of Dermatological Science and demonstrated that the levels of bacteria causing acne could be lowered with prebiotics without influencing the levels of the good bacteria.
Prebiotics also play an essential role in keeping the skin young. When the balance of microflora is damaged, the skin becomes irritated. The body responds to this irritation by creating free radicals, which play a primary role in premature aging of the skin, and a collagen-digesting enzyme. Because collagen is essential to young-looking skin, the last thing you want is to destroy it.
Unica uses a natural prebiotic for the skin, derived partly from one of the constituents of the chicory root, namely inulin, and partly from the natural sugars that result from an enzymatic process.

As well as being on of the best anti-wrinkle oils available today, Rosehip oil is excellent for treating all kinds of skin infections, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and boils.

Wonderful oil for very sensitive skins and for treating skin infections such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. It contains a high quantity of GLA, gamma linolenic acid, a very rare fatty acid, which has been shown to have a favourable effects on a number of disorders.

Great oil for sensitive skin, which has been used to treat eczema and psoriasis with great results.

Calendula is one of the best known and versatile healing herbs, widely used by herbalists throughout the centuries. Used for its healing and tissue regenerating properties for all skin types and conditions, including sensitive skin. Calendula has antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties and it is used to treat sores, sunburn as well as red itchy and inflamed skin.

Nilotica Shea contains a high percentage of shea olein and therapeutic unsaponifiables, thus it is softer and creamier than regular Shea Butter. This enables it to be more readily absorbed into the skin. Nilotica Shea helps to moisturise the skin and retain the skins’ elasticity. It also aids cellular regeneration. This is particularly useful for mature skin and stretch marks. Nilotica Shea is excellent for soothing irritated, inflamed skin and is of benefit to damaged, dry hair and scalp irritations. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties and may help reduce swelling and ease muscular aches and pains. It is high in vitamins A & E.
The nuts are collected and then cold pressed, without the use of chemicals or solvents. This ensures that the butter retains its unique fatty acid profile.

Kokum butter is a solid fat obtained from the seeds of the Garcinia indicia tree.
Priced for its essential fatty acid and Vitamin E content, Kokum Butter has excellent emollient, regenerative and
anti-oxidant properties. It has the ability to soften and soothe dry, irritated or Inflamed skin and helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Best option for sensitive, dry and mature skin.
Kokum butter is non-comedogenic and quickly absorbed, leaving the skin soft and silky without a greasy feel.


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A 24-hour skin patch test should still be carried out to be sure that it will suit your skin because it is possible to have an allergy even to natural ingredients. Just rub a very small amount of cream behind one ear and leave for 24 hours; if there is no reaction, the cream is suitable for you.